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We have just completed a conversion in a VW T5 SWB for a customer who windsurfs, surfs and kitesurfs. He wanted somewhere to store all of his equipment and have a small area to get changed in and an area to put a matress down to sleep on when camping at the beach. We insulated and soundproofed and carpeted his whole van, layed a heavy duty waterproof Altro vinyl floor before assembling a metal frame (which was made to the specification of our customer) into the van which we then boarded and carpeted. The result is a van with storage space for watersports equipment with plenty of sleeping space on top and a very happy customer T:

This conversion was custom made (as all of our conversions are) these frames are made from metal so they are strong and lightweight. They can be galvanised and painted or primed and painted to prevent rust and look good! They can be made to fit in any van and to a customers specific specification. Contact us to discuss your requirements!